Thinking it all over

Book finished mid-chapter

It hit me like a steel toe-capped kick to the chest. And I choked on the shock. I couldn’t breathe. I thought that only happened in movies, but in real life there are things that hit you so hard that your body can’t catch up with your mind, and words just don’t come. And then…
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365 Reasons Why Not

If you haven’t heard about 13 Reasons Why, you’ve probably been living under a rock. The popular Netflix series has opened the public conversation around suicide, drawing attention to the gritty subject of risk factors, including bullying, sexuality issues, and rape. But you can’t open Pandora’s Box without consequences. While bringing such a taboo topic…
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Final Frontier, or No-Go Zone?

Increasing women’s participation in male-dominated industries starts with improving conditions for men. This is the unexpected conclusion of research into why Australia’s building sites remain virtual no-go zones for women despite increasing gender balance across the workforce. While women now make up 46% of the workforce, Australia’s third largest industry has seen a backslide in…
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Detached from our True Nature: Nature Deficit Disorder

It’s taken a long time – many thousands of years, in fact – but we’ve gone from being a land-based species living in harmony with the landbase we knew like the back of our hand to being predominantly concrete jungle-dwellers, closed off from the habitat that we evolved in harmony with. Spending time in nature…
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It Could Never Happen to Me

That’s what I used to think. I thought I was strong, and that it only happened to weak people – people who had something a bit wrong with them. Of course, this was the attitude I copped from some others when it did happen to me. Burnout is a strange beast – one you can…
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