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Four elements for complete living

Mother Earth, What Have We Done?

We traded it all for our latest fix. In the same way a hardcore addict can blow tens of thousands of dollars a year on short-lived bursts of intravenously administered existential painkiller, we managed to blow our planetary future on snatches of convenience, vacuous entertainment, and KonMari cache of gadgets. Because we were stressed, bored,…
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Getting my Tubes Tied

Over the last few years I’ve noticed a slow trickle of media coverage of women who choose not to have children. It seems the tide of public opinion is finally beginning to turn, and women who choose to be childless are no longer universally viewed as failures, incomplete, or child-hating monsters. We’re getting to hear…
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Book finished mid-chapter

It hit me like a steel toe-capped kick to the chest. And I choked on the shock. I couldn’t breathe. I thought that only happened in movies, but in real life there are things that hit you so hard that your body can’t catch up with your mind, and words just don’t come. And then…
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It Could Never Happen to Me

That’s what I used to think. I thought I was strong, and that it only happened to weak people – people who had something a bit wrong with them. Of course, this was the attitude I copped from some others when it did happen to me. Burnout is a strange beast – one you can…
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