Rock Your body Image: self-love, self-care, and positive self-image

Thinking it all over

Rock Your body Image: self-love, self-care, and positive self-image

Today’s body-shaming culture has us comparing ourselves with impossible ideals, giving us a whole swag of new sticks to beat ourselves with, and we stop showing up for life. We don’t wear what we want, we don’t go those dance or fitness classes we want to go to, we do whatever we can to avoid drawing attention to ourselves. Heck, I didn’t even go to the gym until I reached my goal weight! You know how many people do themselves that disservice? Way too many.

If you’ve tried every diet trick in the book and have found that nothing’s stuck, you’re in need of a new approach – one that doesn’t involve more self-punishment. Willpower is not only overrated, it’s actually not even a thing. Discipline is a thing, however, and that’s something that can be learned, along with strategic planning and a large side-serve of self-compassion.

So many of us cling to the belief that once we achieve the “ideal body” we want, our lives will dramatically improve. We believe we’ll finally love our bodies and our whole selves once we’ve got this bit right, or that bit… but for many of us, we just find new things to be dissatisfied with, and even when we do get so many of those bits right, life doesn’t suddenly change, and we’re not suddenly living the dream life.

I should know. I’m 20kg slimmer than I was a few years ago, and although some days I really love my body, I also have days where all I can see is flaws. If I gain 2kg over Christmas, I start to feel the self-loathing creep back in, even though just a few years ago I’d have been insanely happy to be 2kg heavier than I am now because it would’ve meant 18kg less than I was! The problem is the inner critic won’t shut up, so we have to deal with her. She’s always going to have something to say – it doesn’t matter that my legs got super-toned, because she’ll cast her critical eye over my upper arms and mutter “bingo wings in the making…”

Chances are you’re a somewhat perfectionistic people-pleaser like I was (and still am… I’d say I’m a recovering people-pleaser and self-critical perfectionist), and you’re never going to be good enough in your own eyes because the minute you stop pleasing people or striving for perfection, your self-worth is on shaky ground. Loving yourself will just have to wait until you’re worthy of love, right? And when, my dear, will that day finally arrive?

What if I told you that you don’t have to wait for your body to be perfect before you can start living the life you want? What if I let you in on another secret? When you start living your life and loving yourself as you deserve to be loved, you’ll find your body naturally changes for the better….

I’m not gonna lie to you: I didn’t get happy by persuading myself to love the chubby body I was in. I got happy by liberating myself from it. I learned how to love myself, care for myself, and prioritise myself, and that’s what changed everything. I can’t claim to love everything about my body every minute of every day now, but I can claim to show up for life wholeheartedly, and I’ve learned a lot along the journey. I’d love to share with you what I’ve learned.


What baggage are people looking to shed in service of self-love?

Most people who struggle with health and body image issues have a few themes in common, and these are the typical points of focus:

  • Self-critical perfectionism
  • People-pleasing nature
  • Nagging self-doubt
  • Low or fluctuating feelings of self-worth
  • All or nothing thinking
  • Being overcommitted and always putting others first
  • Not being realistic enough about goals and the steps required to achieve them
  • Not dedicating enough time to self-care
  • A love/hate relationship with food
  • Carrying some emotional baggage that’s placing obstacles in the way of progress


What do you spend and what do you get when you book a health and body image coaching package?

  • An initial consultation to identify your needs, strengths, weaknesses, and skills you’d like to build
  • Six 60-minute coaching sessions that are specific to your needs
  • The choice to run those six sessions over a six-week period or 12-week period – it’s up to you whether you want to work hard and fast to kick those goals, or give yourself plenty of time between sessions to cultivate those new habits
  • An email check-in between sessions to see how you’re travelling, and offer you motivational tips – don’t hesitate to ask questions and seek advice on changing tack if something isn’t working for you
  • Optional follow-up maintenance plan: 6x personal monthly check-ins via email + 6x personal monthly check-ins via phone (10-15 mins) with tips and suggestions for how to keep up keeping up (this costs $180, and will be offered to you as an option after you complete your course)

The cost of the program depends on your financial circumstances, and when you book in

  • Book a standard package before 31st January 2018 = $480
  • Book a concession package (healthcare card holders) before 31st January 2018 = $390
  • Book a standard package on or after 1st February 2018 = $600
  • Book a concession package (healthcare card holders) on or after 1st February 2018 = $480


What benefits can you expect from health and body image coaching?

  • You work toward your goals from a place of compassion
  • You are supported over the hard yards of inner and outer change by someone who knows the terrain
  • You start taking more effective and properly targeted actions immediately
  • You stop making excuses for not making changes
  • You create momentum and build it up on your small successes, so getting results gets easier and easier
  • You set SMARTer goals that are specific to the life you want
  • You work within the structure of support and accountability so your best intentions don’t fall by the wayside
  • Your coach is a far more objective supporter than your family, friends and colleagues are, so not shy to be firm, direct and honest with you!


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